All your ESG metrics, Sustainability Activities, Commitments, KPIs, SDG pledges, Impacts, Certificates and Reports in one place.
Easily manage your sustainability data and share your achievements with stakeholders.

What is ESG reporting?

ESG reporting is the disclosure of environmental, social and corporate governance data.

Why is it important?


of customers consider sustainability while making a purchasing decision, and this is only going to increase.

As per a McKinsey report, ESG strategies can affect operating profits by as much as this percentage.

of investors said ESG reporting was an important factor in their investment decision making (Reported by PWC), while 49% of respondents said they were willing to divest from companies not taking significant ESG action.

How do you tell your story the right way to your internal and external stakeholders?

You will love managing ESG and sustainability data with SmartHead. Intuitive professional software to manage, track, and report complex ESG and sustainability data optimised to allow stakeholder engagement. Read more

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Sustainability activities

Manage all your sustainability activities under a single umbrella.

ESG data management and reporting software

Report in accordance with GRI, ISO 26000, NFRD, CSRD, SCDDA, SFDR regulations and frameworks.

Stakeholder engagement

Make your sustainability results easily accessible for all your stakeholders and build lasting engagement with them.

Track your supply chain

Consolidate supply chain data and understand the impact it is creating.

Compensate your CO2 emissions

Offset your CO2 emissions with our partners and have the reductions automatically reflected in your overall CO2 calculation.

Group data consolidation

Manage data at the regional affiliate level and consolidate it at group level.

Link your internal systems

Easily exchange data between our APIs and your internal systems.

ESG in the GCC: What’s important to Businesses?

We’ve engaged with ESG professionals from across the Middle East whose roles and responsibilities include helping their company adopt sustainable business practices and develop and track activities to improve their company’s environmental and social impact. We’ve gathered for a series of one-hour virtual sessions, collated our findings which you can discover by downloading this exclusive report.


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