Cookstove carbon offset projects

Invest in future carbon programs that create environmental, health & economic sustainability for people around the world.
The Carbon Collective Company
The Carbon Collective Company
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The Carbon Collective Company
The Carbon Collective Company
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Why cookstove projects?

Our partners have developed a series of cookstove products that improve the lives of people and communities living in extreme energy poverty.

We design, build & deliver the highest quality, lowest cost, top-performing cookstoves in the market. Our stoves cook faster, while reducing fuel use and toxic emissions for smart, safer, more affordable cooking.

The product line of smart clean cooking technologies that cook faster while reducing fuel use, smoke and toxic emissions aim to reduce climate change, create new jobs, reduce the logging of trees for firewood, and enable families to save money and improve their quality of life.

Impact beyond carbon credits

High value clean cookstove carbon credits deliver value beyond carbon. They improve lives, reduce pollution, create jobs and impact 10 of Sustainable Development Goals.

How do we ensure your investment is being utilized?

Partners on the ground ensure there is excitement to use the product, educating individuals and communities on the benefits of using the cookstove.
Trained partners and volunteers in communities ensure the daily usage and maintenance of the cookstoves.
Partners and The Carbon Collective Company account management team are in contact with cookstove beneficiaries to ensure the usage of the cookstoves and the highest possible yield of carbon.

How do we measure

A customized mobile app is registered to each cookstove and collects the data on each beneficiary at the start of your program.
Partners on the ground ensure there is excitement to use the product, educating individuals and communities on the benefits of using the cookstove.
Working with partners on the ground to monitor the impacts of your project and deliver the carbon credits.
A comprehensive quarterly report shared with the investor highlighting major updates and success stories.
What’s covered in your investment costs?

R&D of the Improved cookstoves.

Manufacturing of the cookstove.

Research and identifying the communities with greater need (this will result in greater usage and in-return higher carbon credit).

Shipping the cookstoves to the location.

Educating the communities on the benefits and usage of the improved cookstove.

Distribution of the cookstove (including the local partner costs).

Documentation of all the families (to ensure all carbon credits generated are highly ethical).

Usage and emission monitoring, Carbon credits verification and validation costs.

Maintenance of the cookstoves and repair costs for 5 years - to ensure maximum performance of the cookstove.

What’s covered in your investment costs?

Financial benefit 1: We bear the increase in manufacturing, shipping and distribution costs over the project period.

Financial benefit 2: The carbon credit price to be fixed for the entire period of 5 years, while we all know that it’s only going to increase. You will be insured against the market price fluctuations.

By becoming an investor, you will be the only one to claim the benefits delivered to the communities.

Guaranteed offset credits as the market face a huge shortage of supply and gives the carbon credit owner an upper hand in negotiations while selling it to you.

To understand how a cookstove investment project can be tailored to meet your objectives contact us to find out more.


Customer Satisfaction

Based on 750+ reviews of 6,154 Completed Projects, and 2,194 Happy Customers who deeply trust us.
The Carbon Collective Company
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The Carbon Collective Company
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Carbon Offset Projects

Our global portfolio of carbon offset projects is diverse and regularly updated.

Are you ready to begin your carbon offsetting journey?

To find out more about our cookstove carbon offset projects, investment plans and opportunities contact us today.
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PR and marketing activities – How do we help you communicate your story?

For the duration of the program, TCCC will support you regular updates with images and video content from the projects you have invested in, in line with the 10 SDGs the project contributes to.
6 months into the program we’ll provide all the information needed for a strong and effective press release and announcement campaign (TCCC can write this or work with your internal communications team).
1 year into the program we will assist with shooting video testimonials from the cookstove community users.
2 years into the program we can assist with the content for a short 3-5 minute documentary on the positive impact your program has had on the community it serves.
2 years into the program (Once we have the necessary data), we can assist with data to prepare a case-study presentation with valuable insights.
Help you with a suitable ESG reporting software to help you convey your work and contribution to relevant stakeholders including your investors, customers, market and employees.


To find out more about our cookstove carbon offset projects, investment plans and opportunities contact us today.

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Partner Projects

Interested in partnering or investing in long-term projects to offset your carbon footprint and contribute to multiple SDGs, creating and promoting your ESG story to your stakeholders or purchasing carbon credits?

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