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Save cost and time: by Automating your reporting process through centralised system
Increased efficiency: Streamlined Data Collection through a Centralized Dashboard, Resulting in Reduced Time Consumption
Comprehensive: Regularly updated with the latest frameworks & standards
Adaptable: Capable of being customized to suit individualized disclosure checklists and metric prioritization
Existing processes: Minimal disruption to your existing processes
Auditing: Integration with existing systems for data transparency

What leading ESG professionals using our software have to say

Shivani Rajpal
Head of ESG Education & Services, Earth Academy
In my previous role, at GRI, part of my responsibility was to manage certification of software partners. In the last years, I reviewed many ESG platforms.
It is refreshing to see how intuitive and easy to use the SmartHead platform is. Companies can report using the software and manage the data on an ongoing basis, choosing when to publicly present specific data to their stakeholders. Using the software makes the reporting process much more straightforward. This ESG tool is fully aligned and certified by GRI. I highly recommend this software to companies who would like to simplify and bring structure to their reporting process.
The Carbon Collective Company
Eva Mihelcic
Executive Director Finance, Salus
The SmartHead software is easy to use and serves us perfectly for posting our sustainability initiatives, monitoring our progress and other companies' sustainability performance. The GRI reporting part is well structured so we were able to seamlessly transfer data which we reported so far into this module. It also enabled us to recheck the metrics reported and update them to better adhere to the GRI requirements. We also appreciate the translation function, which enables us to publish in both English and Slovenian with practically no effort at all.
Veronika Bush
Head of Communications and Campaigns (Corporate Affairs) at Tesco
SmartHead profile provides an excellent interactive form of communicating our activities with a clear link to SDGs. We see SmartHead as a great opportunity to strengthen our communication with public, professionals and other businesses.
Lucia Poláčeková
PR Supervisor, McDonald’s
SmartHead platform allows us to monitor and evaluate our local activities and environmental actions together with our customers or the public. We want to be a good example to other companies.
Lucia Mackova
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, VUB Banka
We believe that thanks to the Sustainability Profile on SmartHead, current clients will trust us even more and potential clients will decide to join us. I must emphasise the platform's intuitive design and the perfect service from SmartHead.
František Vančo
Founder and CEO, Silná Spinka
The platform brought us a lot of inspiration for our company and lots of new ideas. The platform is also beneficial for us from a business point of view, as thanks to the SmartHead community, we have gained new customers.
Marek Šarmír
Head of Production & Development at Fit4You
Customers can easily access our activities on SmartHead through our product packaging using a QR code. It is important for us that they return with a good feeling from the purchase and with the knowledge that they are buying from the right company.

Benefits of reporting your sustainability with SmartHead

Sustainability activities

Manage all your sustainability activities under a single umbrella.

ESG data management and reporting software

Report in accordance with GRI, ISO 26000, NFRD, CSRD, SCDDA, SFDR regulations and frameworks.

Stakeholder engagement

Make your sustainability results easily accessible for all your stakeholders and build lasting engagement with them.

Track your supply chain

Consolidate supply chain data and understand the impact it is creating.

Calculate and Compensate your CO2 emissions

Calculate your CO2 emissions with GHG calculator and offset them, and have the reductions automatically reflected in your overall CO2 calculation.

Group data consolidation

Manage data at the regional affiliate level and consolidate it at group level.

Link your internal systems

Easily exchange data between our APIs and your internal systems.

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