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The Carbon Collective Company provides consulting services that assist organisations in planning and achieving their decarbonisation goals more efficiently, effectively and ethically.
We enable organisations to positively improve their environment and social impact through 3 broad consulting services.
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ESG Performance Improvement Services

ESG scores can help organisations prioritize long-term value creation, anticipate opportunities and risks, and adopt longer-term strategic thinking.

While most ESG Performance Assessment tools do help organisations in arriving at a fairly accurate understanding of their current performance levels, they fall short of helping the organisations in finding ways and means to improve their scores.

When looking to improve an ESG score, assessing a company’s current performance is often not adequate especially if the organisation sets its aspirations on enhancing their performance. A set of bespoke interventions based on several organisation-specific factors is needed to achieve an exponentially higher ESG score.

Our ESG Performance Advisory services support clients to enhance their ESG performance, our team has the requisite knowledge and expertise in providing ESG improvement advisory. We take a wholistic approach that includes behavioural, operational and governance related interventions that make lasting positive impacts on your organisations ESG score.

What’s covered in the service?

Baseline Setting
Establish Baseline for E,S & G Performance within the organization.
Benchmarking Organization-wide and industry-wide ESG Performance.
Goal Setting
Working to set multi-level and time-bound Goals & Targets across business/geographical groups.
Strategies for Improvements
Proposing & agreeing on a set of strategies to meet the targets and their quantifiable outcomes.
Rolling out Interventions
Proposing and rolling out a set of Interventions with pre-agreed outcomes.
ESG Performance Review
Taking stock of ESG Improvements as against the Baseline on a periodic basis.