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What Will It Take To Reach Net Zero For Indian Companies?

Corporate net-zero goals differ in three key ways: the boundaries of the goal, the mitigation strategy, and the timeframe for achieving...
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SmartHead Is Now The Official GRI Software And Tool Partner

The overall development of business and its influence on our planet in past decades, especially in recent years, has brought the attent...
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Integrating ESG Principles Into Your Business

ESG — which stands for Environment, Social, and Governance — has been a buzzword for companies trying to implement strategies with...
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SmartHead Case Study – VUB bank

“SmartHead is a truly “smart” corporate sustainability software,” says Lucia Macko as SmartHead makes VUB bank’s corporate su...
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Build Rapport With Your Stakeholders And Communicate Sustainability The Right Way

A survey by Gartner in 2020 asked more than 180 international companies “which main stakeholder groups are putting pressure on compan...
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SmartHead Case Study – Tesco

All you need to know about our corporate sustainability, sharing best practices, and lots of inspiration – that’s SmartHead,” say...
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Why Making Your Company “Green” is More Important Than Ever

Looking at the current state of the world makes it apparent that a proactive approach to sustainability is more imperative today than e...
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How Can Your Company Be More Transparent About Sustainability?

Not many companies provide enough information about their products and services. People are often fed with ads that may or may not be t...
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7 Reasons Why Corporate Sustainability Matters

To some businesses, brand sustainability is a problem created to introduce more penalties for non-compliance. Sustainability is an issu...
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